Ivonne Monteiro may have burned her cornea: “I no longer had sight”

Ivonne Monteiro details how, due to misuse of eye drops, her cornea was burned (Instagram/@ivonemonteroof)

Yvonne Montero He appeared this morning on his social networks with a photo that worried his fans, because he has a puffy eye and the other with a patch, After hours of uncertainty about what happened to her, she announced that she had a Accident That cornea burned,

Then on Friday morning Ivonne Monteiro published on her network that she had suffered an accident that affected her eyes, this afternoon she reappeared in the program with sunglasses. first handwhere he told that he is recovering from burning his cornea eye drops Last Monday, 28 November.

“I forgot to put the saline solution where you put your lenses in and they stay there until you use them again. So, it turns out that on the occasion I didn’t bring the saline, I forgot and It was very easy for me to put them in eye drops (…) It turned out that I put on the pupil and suddenly i feel an overwhelming jealousy,

And it’s that, as he explained, he forgot that his contact lenses had been in eye drops for a long time, so he cleaned them with salt water, put them back in, and stayed with them for over an hour.

Since the liquid you dipped your contact lenses in isn’t suitable for staying in the eye for long periods of time, it was during that time that your corneas were burned. The damage was so severe that when she removed her lenses she realized she could not see and was taken to the hospital in an emergency.

“I never thought I was doing so much damage to my eyes, my corneas, i who have both corneas, I already saw blur. I took them off and what a surprise?, what i no longer had vision (…) They told me ‘You burned your cornea with that liquid, it was too abrasive’

The actress told that the incident happened when she was doing a photo session for the promotion of the film. "i am looking for a boyfriend because i already have a husband" (screenshot/television image)
The actress said that the accident happened when she was in a photo session for the promotion of “I am looking for a boyfriend because I already have a husband” (Screenshot / Image Television)

winner of famous house 2 He explained that he had washed his eyes, applied a patch to the most affected person, and told him that he should rest for a week, as the injuries were serious.

Despite the fact that today he does not wear the patch, as he was able to remove it three days after the accident, he recalled that the first night was very difficult as the painkillers he was given failed to control the pain. .

,it was a worry, a pain And also the uncertainty of correcting vision and being able to see with only one eye that made it just a hairline gap. It was an hour-long medication, so it became extremely difficult to rest. They sent me an antibiotic because I had clearly been exposed”

When the patch was finally removed, it was hard for her to open her eyes because of the swelling, plus she felt like she had sores and they hurt.

Four days after the accident, his right eye vision begins to return, while the left still looks very blurry. For now you should continue your treatment to heal the burnt membrane, wear sunglasses to protect yourself from light and dust.

Evonne shared that despite how severe the burn was, he assured her that her eyes would heal successfully, albeit for a while. You will not be able to wear contact lenses again. and neither accomplish For at least two weeks.

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