Jamie Lee Curtis: Who is the person with whom she shared her life for 40 years

In Hollywood, there are many pairs of actors who decide to start a life together, but very few have a permanent marriage. Jamie Lee Curtis, Who went to Mexico to promote her film “Halloween Ends”, is one of the iconic actresses of the film industry, whose relationship Christopher Guest Has stood the test of time.

Actress best known for her role as “Laurie Strode” successful “Halloween” film franchise, Of which she has been a hero since 1978, almost 40 years since her marriage to her husband. Here is everything you need to know about him, his marriage and his family.

In a 2004 test, Curtis described their relationship as “a wonderful, complicated, imperfect life”., And a very real marriage, as it turns out she knew it was him when she first saw him: “I think there was a little secret hidden in that smile that only I knew, ” They said.

how did you meet him?

Jamie Lee Curtis reveals she knew she was marrying Christopher Guest while flipping through a magazine, The actress told Hoda Kotb in March 2021, “I was talking to my husband after seeing a picture of him in a magazine and saying out loud to a friend, ‘I’m going to marry that guy’ and I married him four months later. Did it.” ,

“So the truth of the matter is, life for me depended on seconds that I didn’t see coming. Our life depends on seconds that we don’t see coming. And what we do in those seconds is ultimately our determines the rest of life.”

Who is Christopher Guest?

Christopher Haden-Guest, 74, was born on February 5, 1948, to Jean Pauline Hindes and Peter Haden-Guest. The actor, writer, director and musician was born into the British aristocracy as the 5th Baron Haden-Guest. But according to The US Sun, “the House of Lords Act 1999 which removed the right to most hereditary seats,” no longer holds the title.

He starred in the 1984 film, “This Is Spinal Tap,”With actors Rob Reiner, Michael McCain and Fran Drescher. Other films he starred in include “Best in Show”, “A Mighty Wind”, “For Your Consideration”. He also shared credits with other Hollywood stalwarts like Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge, Katherine O’Hara.

Your Wedding

According to The Us Sun, their relationship began when Jamie Lee Curtis spotted Christopher at Rolling Stone magazine. Then she told her friend Debra Hill that she was “going to marry that man.” Debra contacts Christopher’s agent and tries to connect them but unfortunately Chris never calls.

Jamie later bumps into Chris at a West Hollywood restaurant and calls him the next day. Two months later, the couple got engaged and eventually married in 1984.

In 2018, the actress told Good Housekeeping the secret of her long marriage. ,do not go. There is a phrase that says: “Stay on the bus… the scene will change”, “You think you’re going to have a bad week, but just stay on, because one of these days you’re going to look out the window and it’s going to be beautiful. I guess it’s going to be on anything about you.” Can be applied. I’m unhappy about the time. I’m not a wild romantic, I’m a realist, I respect that and I’m just not giving up,” he said.


After two years of marriage, Jamie and Christopher decide to expand their family. their first daughter, Annie Guest He was born in December 1986. She is currently 36 years old and although she is also an actress, she has only one credit in the movie “For Your Consideration”.

his second son, Ruby Guest, 26, was born a decade later, in March 1996. And In July 2021, the actress revealed that Ruby had come out as transgender. She said that she and Christopher both “watched with wonder and pride how our son grew into our daughter Ruby, who doesn’t work in Hollywood, is a computer game editor. Although she hasn’t become a grandmother yet.” , but Jamie is sure that one day she will.

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