Jan 6 Committee holds possible final interviews, says chairman

washington — The House select committee probing the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol is holding its final interview on Wednesday, committee chairman Rep. Benny Thompson said, as investigators prepare to release a report of their findings to Republicans. Are preparing. Take charge of the House in January.

Thompson told reporters on Capitol Hill that the panel wanted to focus on her interview with Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, whom former President Donald Trump encouraged her to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Vos told a Wisconsin television station during the summer that Trump called her to push her to clarify the results of the July 9 presidential election in the state, which was won by President Biden.

Vos got a call from Trump after the Wisconsin Supreme Court blocked access Most drop boxes are for voters returning their absentee ballots.

The select committee issued a subpoena for Vos’ testimony in late September, and the Wisconsin Republicans sued to block it. House investigators sought to question Vos about her July conversation with Trump regarding the overturning of the election results, and Thompson said in a letter accompanying the subpoena that “former President Trump’s communications related to the 2020 election The circumstances and details are relevant in relation to your conversation with the Committee’s investigation.

“We want to see from the committee’s perspective if there is any information that we can glean,” Thompson told reporters on Wednesday.

While the Mississippi Democrat said the committee is not expecting to hear from any more witnesses, he said members would make “accommodations” if Trump decides to comply with the panel’s subpoena for his testimony.

Committee members vote in October summon trump for documents and testimony, although he sued on Trying to block it. That lawsuit closed the door for Trump to comply with the investigators’ demands before the panel was disbanded when Republicans take control of the House.

Still, Thompson said the committee disclosed information through statements about Trump’s actions around the 2020 election, which only he “can verify or disprove.”

“He had an opportunity to appear before the committee, state his side. He chose not to do so and in some respects it is an admission of guilt on his part,” he said.

The select committee has interviewed several witnesses as part of a months-long investigation into the January 6 Capitol attack and Trump’s efforts to stop the transfer of power and stay in office for a second term. The panel’s final report is expected to have eight chapters, Thompson said, and they have been largely written.

“Those chapters are being fact-checked and looked into,” he said, though committee members “haven’t put pen to paper on the draft yet.”

The Speaker said that both the printed and digital versions of the findings would be released in December. The committee is still considering whether to issue a criminal and ethics referral, and members are set to meet on Friday to discuss the matter and any other outstanding issues.

“There’s information that we’ve discovered, uncovered, that we have to make a decision about what we do with it. Do we make criminal referrals with some of it? Do we make ethical referrals?” Thomson said. “Do we have people who are attorneys who were found to have unethical conduct for whatever reason — do we see potential bar fees for those attorneys? So there are a lot of things we’re working on now.”

In a letter to Thompson, GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy reminded him that his presidency would end on January 3, and said that Thompson and his staff were required to “disclose all records collected during the course of your investigation in accordance with House rules and regulations.” The tapes of the testimony must be preserved.” McCarthy also wrote that the incoming GOP majority would hold a hearing on January 6 focusing on “why the Capitol complex was not secure”.

Rebecca Kaplan contributed reporting.

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