Japan, Great Britain and Italy will develop the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft

Italy, Britain and Japan are joining forces to design a sixth-generation fighter global combat air program (GCAP), as announced last Friday, December 9th. It aims to be able to surpass the best fighters of current great military powers such as China or Japan.

In their dialogue, the countries stated that they intend to Have the plane ready in 2035 And, for this they intend to start its development in 2024. Although he did not directly mention China or Russia, he noted an increase in “threats and aggression” and the need to “protect our democracy, economy and security”. and protect regional stability”

To beat rival fighter jet technology, all three partners are playing their part in designing the aircraft. “The ambition is for it to be a next-generation jet enhanced by a network of capabilities Drones, Advanced Sensors, Next Generation Weapons and Innovative Data Systems“, those details.

Through the Global Combat Air Program, the three countries will stop relying on aid from American manufacturers. The Pentagon has shown its support for its allies’ plan in a joint statement with the Japanese Defense Ministry, which is expected not to affect the F-35 program with which the United States is collaborating. With Italy and Japan for assembly.

USS Gerald R.  Ford will be commissioned next April.  It is 337 meters long and 76 meters high.  The ship can carry more than 75 aircraft at speeds above 30 knots (about 55 km/h).

sixth generation fighter aircraft Can become an ideal replacement for Typhoon and F-2 fighter jets, UK and Japan, respectively. The countries have clarified in their statement that the project will strengthen their “defense cooperation, collaboration in science and technology, integrate supply chains and strengthen their defense industrial base”.

In addition, the program would also provide economic and industrial benefits to Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. As they confirm, the design and development of fighter aircraft This will generate employment and livelihood.

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