Japan launches first spacecraft to use water vapor as fuel method

The ‘Equilibrium Lunar-Earth Point 6U’ (EQUULEUS) spacecraft of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was powered by steam to reach the moon,

JAXA said in a statement that EQUULEUS performed a maneuver to move towards its planned orbital path at the second Earth-Moon Lagrange point (EML2).

Lagrangian points are places in space where the gravity of objects is balanced by the centrifugal force of a spacecraft, allowing a very stable orbit.

On the other hand, ECUULEUS will give scientists the possibility explore deep spaceTo conduct research, test radiation environments, and determine precautions for future astronauts.

The main purpose of ECUULEUS is to demonstrate control techniques for lgo to space on less fuel,

The spacecraft is equipped with a high-speed camera, a dust sensor and an ultraviolet telescope. In the meantime, ECUULEUS is expected to reach the Lagrange point in about a year and a half After passing the preliminary operation stage.

Ryu Funase (Professor at the JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences) indicates in the statement that “I am proud of the EQUULEUS operations team, which was able to quickly carry out the orbital controls required for orbit. lunar flyby, exactly one day after the verification operation immediately after launch. It was a difficult operation that had to be successful. We are now at the starting line of the long journey to the Lagrange point.”

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