Jason Beghe’s incredible physical transformation as Hank Voight on Chicago PD

Chicago PD has one of the most popular police officers of all the cop genre shows in its cast. In the series, Hank Voight is played by Jason Beghe, an actor with an extensive artistic career in film and television, but it is in the NBC drama where he remained for nearly a decade, evidence of the star’s physical transformation. Excluding.

Chicago PDBroadcast Network’s hit police drama NBC which airs every Wednesday night across the network, will return this week with Season 10 Episode 9 to bid farewell to viewers until early January, when the show returns with new stories in the franchise along with its sister series. a chicago, Chicago Fire why chicago med,

The crime and police drama premiered in 2014, featuring a wide cast with talented actors who play the officers and detectives who make up the Chicago City Police Department’s intelligence unit led by Sergeant Hank Voight , who is an old-fashioned tough cop who uses unorthodox methods. To get what he wants, especially when it comes to getting information from criminals.

played by Hank Voight in Chicago PD Jason Beghe, Joe first appeared on screen in 2012 as a recurring role on the drama Chicago Fire. Since then, his role has been criticized for the manner in which the character executes most of the police procedures, which generally violate laws and human rights in some cases.

However, Hank Voight is considered to be the soul of the show. And all these years, Chicago PD fans have had the opportunity to see not only how Jason Beghe’s character arc has evolved narratively, but also the physical transformation that the 62-year-old actor has gone through. happened during 10 seasons that the cop series has under its belt so far.

Jason Beghe has undergone a remarkable physical transformation during his years as Hank Voight on Chicago PD

10 seasons in Chicago PD is enough to see Jason Beghe’s physical transformation

There’s no doubt that the passage of time has taken a toll on Jason Beghe’s physique in recent years, especially due to the fact of working long days and nights on a drama like Chicago PD, whose filming set required cast members to work while on set. They are filming sequences on an outdoor set, braving the weather in the windy city.

Jason Beghe is an actor with an extensive artistic career in film and television. He started his career on the big screen in the mid-80s and appeared in films like g jane of ridley scott 1997, a x files next year and x men first generation in 2011, a year before joining the universe as a recurring a chicago, On television, he has appeared in nearly thirty series since 1986, his most notable role being Hank Voight in Chicago PD.

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