Jason Momoa in the loincloth leaves almost nothing to the imagination

Jason Momoa. (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

In recent times, Jason Momoa has proudly shown off his new physical appearance, which he considers more fitting for a man of his age than the luxurious muscles he usually wears every time he takes off his shirt. He shows up in front of the cameras.

Unlike other actors who consider their exercise routine to be an important part of their routine to stay healthy, the lead man aquaman He has never been a big fan of the gym and his recent operation to deal with a hernia has been the perfect excuse for him to forget training for a while.

As a result, Jason has sported what he likes to call “A Daddy’s Gut,” which he claims replaces his usual abs, but the simple truth is that he’s still in tip-top shape. Proof of this are the photos she just shared on Instagram from a fishing day, which she enjoyed over the weekend in Hawaii.

For reasons that have not progressed and which are also irrelevant, he decided to wear a loincloth as revealing as it is, making it clear that he is one of the most attractive men in the film industry – chocolate. With or without bar.

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