Javier López ‘Chabello’: He will return to television through a bioseries and a cartoon

Javier Lopez Rodriguezbetter known as chabelo He will return to television with two projects; One cartoon and other bioseries which are already in pre-production.

this is how he confirmed Javier Lopez Miranda son of chabelo in interview with first hand,

“We are developing on the basis of two projects chabelo, is a version of a chabelo In cartoon, a series which we are preparing for 100% child audience and we are also developing bioseries where we are going to tell the life story of our father. Both the projects are in a very stage of development, starting from scratch and moving forward with great desire to see the light of both the projects, I don’t know next year”, he assured lopez miranda,

Finally, the producers explained that the series is based on the films his father starred in and would be an opportunity for new generations to meet. chabelo,

Javier Lopez Rodriguez

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