Jenna Ortega Challenges Tim Burton In ‘Marlina’: “She Can Be Emotional Too”

In an insightful conversation with Christina Ricci, young actress Jenna Ortega discusses the intricacies of her character and the quirks of playing Adams’ daughter in Netflix’s new series “Marlina.”

at the age of 20, Jenna Ortega Worked in many horror films Under the directions of personalities like James Wan (in.) demon night 2), TI West (A.) x), Dave Grohl (in.) studio 666. in horror) and Tyler Gillette (a.) the Scream, Now, it looks like her graduation has come with her starring role falcon,

New Netflix series, directed by Tim BurtonIs a reimagining of the weird family we knew in the ’90s mad adams, Throughout the 8 episodes, events and happenings are viewed from the perspective of Merlina, a hardened young woman with a dead intellect and a special interest in the morbid and the supernatural.


No one knows the challenge of bringing this character to life better than this Christina Ricciwho plays her in two beloved movies, and who takes advantage of a location interview journal to talk with ortega To talk about the challenges of acting, the complexity of the character, her quirky outfit, her distinctive hairstyle, and the many other curiosities that surround Addams’ daughter.

First of all, also the actress Result: Life After share with the hero of yellow Jacket How was your contact with films? mad adams When I was nine years old: “I loved them. I could watch them over and over again. They are the perfect movies, honestly.”


Ortega acknowledged that his dry and direct sense of humor is an element that identifies him with Marilina: “It was the greatest honor for me, especially because after comparison I became obsessed with this character, your interpretation.” That was when the young actress reviewed Ricci’s filmography and other jewels such as Buffalo ’66 You the headless Horseman,

In one of the most candid moments of the conversation, the actress today yes! You The Nanny: Deadly Queen Lets tell that working with many directors was very stressful. While it is true that filmmakers are behind Beetle Juice You Scissorhands Responsible for 4 episodes, the series also featured the work of James Marshall and Gandja Monteiro.


“I remember Tim didn’t want me to have any expression or emotion. He wanted a flat surface,” Ortega says.Joe confesses that “there were a lot of fights because I felt like people didn’t always trust me when I was making my way up in terms of character arcs.”

Despite the discrepancies, Burton highlighted this in a recent interview AV Club that ortega “She’s like a silent film actress in that she’s able to express things without words. And to see that inner life and subtlety was exciting. I can’t imagine another Marilyn”And neither do we. So we have no option but to wait for the series premiere on November 23.

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