Jenni Rivera’s Alleged Work After Fake Death

Jenni Rivera and the mystery of her death

Jenni Rivera marked an era in regional Mexican music, without a doubt she was a clear example for many women who had to face heartbreak, violence and other things because of a man, because they were the diva of the band. Considered a shining example and a strong figure. woman until the unfortunate day of her passing.

Without a doubt, December 9th, 2012 is a very sad day for millions of Jenni Rivera fans as the news of her death shocked the entertainment world after a tragic accident that sparked buzz, and gave rise to various theories about The diva of the band would have faked his death.

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Well, it is said that Jenni Rivera is alive and is now a protected witness for the DEA, but while she is in hiding she is dedicated to selling sweets after losing her freedom to protect her family, this The theory got a fillip when a YouTube video was leaked to the internet, in which a woman with the same voice and look as her was preparing a dessert without showing her face.

Why did you become a protected witness for the DEA?

Jenni Rivera was one of the most popular singers in the Mexican territory and on one occasion she received an offer from an important drug trafficker in Mexico to sing at a party, which she declined and began receiving various threats involving her family. And decided to report everything. And cooperate for justice before a tragedy strikes his family.

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