Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked the network with an erotic video

The popular pair is made up of American stars Jennifer Lopez why ben affleck They have been giving the networks a lot to talk about, since the actress and singer published a video of her sitting on her husband’s lap, which has completely driven her millions of fans around the world crazy.

Through a short video that Jennifer Lopez published on her official account Instagram, The popular Puerto Rican-born star sits on her husband Ben Affleck’s lap, leaving thousands of her fans in shock.

Both the actors press their heads together, each looking smoldering at the camera before surprising us with their huge smiles. A great video that has also been well received by their followers, who have been able to confirm that these rumors of separation are behind them and that the family wants to be happy at this time.

Although Ben Affleck is chewing gum, neither of them say anything in the video. But in the audio of the video someone is saying:

“Guys, I did. I have found the person who makes me happier than ever. A good way to honor the love of the interpreter of batman Thief Jennifer Lopez through social media.

romance between ‘Diva From The Bronx’ And the famous actor and producer has been one of the most dramatic love stories of celebrities. Especially for the second chance the couple was given 17 years after ending their first engagement.

Of course, it is great to see both the actors giving each other so much love. especially the actors dc comics, Joe went through a serious personal crisis six years ago, but now, it seems he has finally found happiness in the singer and actress who undoubtedly loves him dearly.

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