Jennifer Lopez Painfully Admits Her Marriage to Marc Anthony Was a Mistake

Jennifer Lopez, actress, dancer and singer-songwriter, has been the subject of the year as all the media has revealed her love reunion with actor ben affleck And their marriage in July 2022. The artist has recently opened up about her personal life, what it was like to reunite with the actor and what it meant to her, although she also said that she made many mistakes in between and one of them must have been Marc Anthony,

Looking back at the singer’s love life, we find out she started a relationship ben affleck After divorcing her former dancer Chris Judd. affleck why Jennifer Lopez They became engaged in November 2002, although their wedding was annulled a few days after the celebration due to alleged infidelity on the part of the actor. after the end of his relationship with Ben, jennifer Begins a relationship with Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony.

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