Jennifer Lopez rocks the net with very little imagination

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly the most valuable Latin star in the world market. The singer is having a great time personally and at work. We all know that she married actor Ben Affleck after many ups and downs, but at the same time, she recently released a movie that is already a worldwide success.

Instagram is a great communication channel that JLo uses, on this social network she usually uploads everything from very professional images and videos to very personal moments with her husband or their children. It is that Hollywood stars prefer direct contact with fans and do not go through much television interviews.

Jennifer Lopez. Source: Instagram @jlo

so you can see it Jennifer Lopez This is from the network, the other day the protagonist of “Marry Me” wore a pendant with precious stone earrings and a sexy low-cut dress. But all eyes were stolen by designer Jennifer Zeuner’s eye-catching necklace, in which the lovely couple’s names could read: “Jennifer & Ben”.

Jennifer Lopez. Source: Instagram @jlo

I already told you what happened on the catwalk instagram He loves to give the scoop to everyone who follows him. Now, JLo has won over a few men with her heartwarming photoshoot. The singer can be seen in a very sensuous look where she lets her imagination run wild.

Jennifer Lopez. Source: Instagram @jlo

He posted 7 photos Jennifer Lopez in their network. Apparently, this is a campaign or a blockbuster he is doing as it is worth noting that the pictures were not taken with a cell phone. But it reaffirms that the Latin singer prefers to show her photos to fans rather than the general public.

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