Jennifer Lopez teaches more due to an oversight with a small sports outfit

when you talk fashion and style impossible not to mention Jennifer Lopez, who is one of those Hollywood stars who take care of even the smallest details of their elegant outfits on stage and in their day to day; However, this time a To Ignore Motivated him to teach more.

singer, 53 years old, She has a long career in which she has shown her talent as a film actress, singer and dancer, besides winning the hearts of her fans. comprehensive beauty and an impressive figure as a result of a strict routine exerciseSomething that cost him a little more than physical pain because he accidentally showed off his upper body.

JLo accidentally shows a lot. Photo: TW @ShowmundialShow

JLo went out on the balcony of his hotel in the morning to stretch and exercise, for which he chose a light pink color set consisting of pants and a sports crop top That he took a bad step on her because when he raised his arms he showed a small bust of his.

Although at first it leaves little to the imagination, despite the fact that it brings nothing more than pink crop top, In fact if you analyze the image more you can see that below it is a . uses it nude colored bra It provides comfort and avoids drawing attention to this part of your body as it is not an attractive tone.

JLo teaches a lot by mistake

This is not the first time that the interpreter of “On the Floor” has caught the paparazzi’s attention due to an oversight in her elaborate costumes, although fans all the time have defended her, arguing that her beauty is more important than anything else. made mistake. In his already relentless style.

JLo left the label in an expensive outfit during the parade Photo: FB @ruletadelasuerte

This happened in August 2021, as an image of Jennifer Lopez during the festival of Venice He went around the world. The cantata caught the eye for a brilliant dolce and gabbana dressHowever it took a back seat when photographers noticed that they had dropped the price tag on it.

It is no secret to anyone that the actress has an attractive figure and she gives lessons devotion while exercising to maintain your impact physics, But the paparazzi do not forgive and on more than one occasion he has shown that despite his efforts, he resorts to a waistband to keep everything in order at crucial moments.

As in one ‘shooting’ capri while trying to board the ferry dekho de playa He rose slightly, showing the waist part on his leg. something similar happened in the show Ellen Degeneres, Where she wore a light blue tight dress, which was raised revealing this garment.

JLO is careless and shows his girdle. Photo: FB @ticuantepe2

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