Jennifer Lopez Uses Blonde For Brunettes That Will Be A Trend In 2023 And That Yes Is Elegant

Jennifer Lopez announced to us Blondes that will be in fashion for brunettes next year and it’s no secret that the celeb is always one step ahead, so get inspired by your hair color To model it in the next few weeks. you would be surprised how elegant you will look With this idea!

Do you want to give a new vibe to your image? of blonde ‘Diva of the Bronx’ will steal your heart because it’s perfect for use on dark hair, as well light up the facegive it to him youthful effect on the skin And hide a few years, so we recommend that you try it.

JLo Uses Golden Balayage Highlights That Rejuvenate Up to 10 Years

Through her Instagram account, the singer shared a sensual picture in which she modeled color sweep More perfect to wear next year. This time he a. chose to fusion of blondes which reminds us that golden glow They will remain an unremarkable bet that we need to test.

JLo wears golden balayage highlights that provide up to 10 years of rejuvenation. Photo: IG

What hair color is suitable for a brunette woman?

Although we know that betting a rubio It’s not an easy mission when hair is dark brown or black, interpreter of on the floor proves to us that balayage This is the best way to integrate it into your look. We suggest you use it in colors Cover gold, beige.

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How to go from brunette to blonde?

The first thing you need to know is that when it comes to color or hair coloring, you should consult a stylist, especially when dealing with discoloration. It is common for this infection to start off delicate. Lamp that blend in with your natural hair, however, there are many color effect who can help you in this mission.

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