Jennifer Lopez wears comfortable elephant leg jeans that give off the perfect butt

Jennifer Lopez gives us an important fashion lesson by using elephant leg pants that they give perfect butt, so if you want to dazzle over the holidays be inspired by its proposal to use it during the next week. You’ll be surprised how great you’ll look!

when we thought denim jeans were a thing of the past diva from the bronx reminds us that it is possible to be a Feeling of effect, so we advise you to recreate the proposal of the famous during the following weeks. Remember which are the clothes that should never be missing from your wardrobe.

JLo teaches us how to use elephant leg jeans to look taller

Some pictures of celebs have gone viral through social networks in which they have modeled jeansWith a retro style, at the waist and feet wide. All worth doing When choosing your new jeans and thus your silhouette will be defined instantly. we love your style!

JLo teaches us to use elephant leg jeans for a wasp waist. Photo: I.G.

Jennifer Lopez rocks the perfect trench coat for wasp waist

She also accessorised her outfit with a green coat which reminds us that trench coat jacket They’ll be back in the next few weeks. We suggest you dare to mix and match clothes like famous clothes so that there is more to your look glamour,

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will you wear jeans elephant foot Be sure to give the right bum? We are ready to give them a chance.

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