Jennifer Lopez’s song that Georgina Rodriguez doesn’t want to hear again

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Georgina Rodriguez is a pair of Cristiano RonaldoThe Real Madrid player who has stood out as the best in the world in recent years is feuding over the throne with Lionel Messi.

They are not married but their love is everything and they have created a loving family with children, properties and lots of protection from both. But both his friends and his family and followers He has taken the initiative to ask himself many times why he did not get married and how long will he be married, That’s the question Georgina tried to solve in her series “I’m Georgina” on Netflix.

We watched Spaniard very closely in the production, where he shared very intimate moments and data we didn’t know about him. We also noticed that he has a great group of good friends called “The Darlings” That they annoy her whenever possible with the song she is already tired of listening to.

His group of friends sang the song “El Anilo”, performed by Jlos. Whenever possible, ask when their wedding date will be. The song asks “And for when the ring?” So he released it just in time for Georgina Rodriguez to sing it.

Spaniard explained in the series that it’s not really up to her but she doesn’t believe that the current situation with her partner will change much.

“I don’t think our situation will change much, I feel very much in love, the most important thing I have with Cristiano is our wonderful child and his love every day,” he said, although he does not rule out the possibility and desire to reach the altar. “I don’t have room for rings anymore”Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner jokes

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