Jimena Sanchez raises the temperature with a white swimsuit

Jimena Sanchez is a model, sports journalist and actress who works for Fox Sports Latin America Network and Fox Deportes and is known for hosting shows such as ‘WWE Saturday Night’ and ‘The Best of Fox Sports’. At 38 years old he shows in his account instagram That she is one of the prettiest women of all and so she boasted through a story in which she is seen wearing a tight swimsuit, causing thousands of sighs.

many times, Jimena Sanchezo He is considered one of the most loved and admired celebrities of all and his sweetness has transformed him into an elite professional. In other countries, the sports journalist is known as “Mexican Kim Kardashian”. The model herself has mentioned this and said that the comparison doesn’t bother her because the American actress is very beautiful and successful and though they do different things, she is proud to be compared.

Jimena Sanchez is a famous sports journalist. Source Instagram @jimensanchezmx

one of his great passions Jimena Sanchezo, beyond the Las Vegas Raiders, is his love for high-end cars. In recent days, a Fox Sports journalist shared a photo session in which she is seen posing next to a luxurious car. This is a red 1969 Pontiac Firebird where he also took the opportunity to show off his incredible curves.

Jimena Sanchez next to a luxurious car. Source Instagram @jimenasnchezmx

on his Instagram account, Jimena Sanchezo Nearly 9 million followers and there she is in charge of demonstrating why she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the most beautiful presenters. Through a story, the 38-year-old sports journalist showed off her curves in a tight swimsuit that caught everyone’s eye.

In a swimsuit, Jimena Sanchez caught everyone’s eye. Source Instagram @jimenasnchezmx

about the personal life of Jimena Sanchezo And after some speculation that linked him to his partner, Veronica Rodriguez, he finally announced that he married musician Tis Zombie last year, where they profess their love at every opportunity. Meanwhile, this model does not stop showing her beauty everywhere.

Jimena Sanchez showing off her figure. Source Instagram @jimenasnchezmx

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