Jimena Sanchez turns up the temperature in flirty swimsuit

Jimena Sanchez has been made a total goddess on social networks. The Fox Sports host is undoubtedly one of the sexiest women in Mexico and she knows it. For this reason, he is not shy about showing himself, although some viewers have made some claims it is because they cannot concentrate on the game.

Instagram is the social network chosen by Mexicans to make everything explode through the air. That is how Sanchez manages to fall in love with more than 8 million followers, who do not want to miss a second of what they are doing. What’s more, she recently took some pictures in the United States where she is seen in an incredible car and it made the network explode with emotions.

Jimena Sanchez. Source: Instagram @jimenasnchezmx

in the images you uploaded Jimena Sanchez With the car, it is clear that it was a 1969 Pontiac Firebird where she can be seen flaunting her beauty in this American jewel. By mechanical experts, the car is a 3.8-litre V8 that travels at 250 km/h and of course with great efficiency and comfort.

In any case, the influencer was not left alone with her and has now uploaded a Images For her Instagram story that has left more than one warm heart. You can see the sporty driver in a white bikini with some tiny holes that the imagination starts flying without limits.

Jimena Sanchez. Source: Instagram @jimenasnchezmx

Definitely, Jimena Sanchez She has already grown from a simple sports reporter to a great influencer. With this, you will not be surprised to know that he leaves the sports camera to become a model or to go non-stop to the show staff. Yes, we hope she continues to showcase her beauty across the networks.

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