Jimin from BTS has a cute gesture with the flag of Mexico and falls in love with ARMY

flag of Mexico, was a hero of a beautiful gesture who Jimin, a member of bts, with him. The gesture shook everyone in a big way army Whose origin is this Latin American nation.

talented artist Kpop Jimin international army When Mexican at one of his most recent concerts he was reputed to carry the Mexican flag, a gesture that astonished all his followers.

met some armys from mexico and were present at a concert on their tour Permission to dance on stage in Los Angeles, where they carried many signs and flags of the countries from which they had visited them.

But without a doubt, ARMY’s favorite moment was when the BTS star dancer recognized the Mexican flag. Attractive!

A young fan present at the concert showed him the flag from the top of the stand and when he managed to recognize it, he made everyone go crazy by making a spectacular gesture, as upon seeing our flag he made a heart to show with his arms to the Aztecs His love for his fans of the country.

some army He joked and assured that this was a sign for future concerts that Bangtan could give. Mexico and other countries Latin America.

And you, would you like some of your members? bts Recognize your country’s flag?

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