Joan Manuel Seurat: This is how the concert in the capital’s Zocalo lived

Joan Manuel Serrata He titled his farewell tour from the stage, The Voice of Singing. And a flaw can be a bad habit, a flaw. On the other hand, goodbyes are often painful. at the concert of the poet building closure Capitolino has been neither defiant nor lament-like, but, on the contrary, a Mediterranean party with a taste of grass. A celebration for the pioneer which was made verse by strike, verse by verse.

the first time that serrated had come for Mexico This is 1969. The year is well remembered because he made his debut at the Palace of Fine Arts and because there was a lot of uproar over the inauguration in the capital. Metro, Over the past 53 years, Seurat has visited the Aztec land hundreds of times and witnessed its transformation. On this 21 October rainy night, 78 years ago the Barcelona-born singer-songwriter wrote the final chapter of his time in the great tenochtitlan,

“Del que del” is the song with big celebration, Close to the last 80 years can be heard in his voice. “It drops 4”, he jokes with incessant rain.

“Good evening, welcome everyone, it is a terrifying and tremendous pleasure to be in this beautiful and dear base, and therefore, thank you for everything that we live in common. You may have heard that it is farewell, do not meditate. Granted, it’s a party, so turn off any signs of sadness and sadness. And from now on everything is the future”, he says to continue with “My Childhood” and “El carrousel del furo”, The subject, he says, was for his grandfather.

Seurat is great talker, he has a lot to share here, such as the woman he loved bathing in gin and tonic, talking to “everybody and everyone” about the imagination and wonder of the world. For those who were born out of creativity.

Welcome everyone, it’s an awesome and tremendous pleasure to be in this beautiful and lovely base. Photo: Cuartoscuro

He goes on with songs like “Lucia”, “Seora” and “I don’t do anything else but think of you”, a song in which he already declares that he likes nothing more than making songs. Even if the music is on holiday.

Akash continues with his party of water and lightning, while Seurat sings “Algo Personal”.

This refers to the poet Miguel Hernandez

“I love you, Juanito!” They shout at him, but he cannot listen as he begins to whine about the poet Miguel Hernández, whose verses became some of the most iconic songs of his half-century career, and sings: “The Onion Lullaby”.

“Canco de Bresol”, “Cardboard, Stone”, “Your name tastes like grass to me”, “Chance is capricious”, with rsula Amargos, sound like a Spanish serenade.

Songs that were featured on the soundtrack of a generation that dreamed of freedom and a better world are left to warm the night by Seurat that never stops wetting everything: “For Freedom”. , “Your name tastes like grass”, “May today be a great day”, “Today for you, tomorrow for me”.

The poets and musicians then take up microphones to warn of the dangers of climate change and the destruction of the planet being oblivious because, as they say, it is now grim, those who are forced to reverse it and sing “Pause.”

The Spanish songbook covers the songs in golden letters: Mediterraneo”, “Those Little Things”, “Cantares”, “Asos Locos Bajitos” and “Penelope”. With 80,000 attendees the zocalo sings blow by blow, verse by verse. And Korea: Ole, Ole, Ole, Seurat, Seurat!

“Whatever begins has to end. And I want to thank everyone who taught me to know and love this country”, he says.

And it’s a heartfelt “Long live Mexico, bastards!” ends with.

Seurat is gone, gone, grateful, smiling. It will return, perhaps, but its lively song remains here, as if in an infinite resonance.

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