Joanna Benedek married at the age of 51; This was the marriage of the actress

Joanna Benedecki She is known for her antagonistic roles in telenovelas such as Angela, the sin of love hey friends and rivals, Her last participation on the small screen was in the melodrama two houses (2011), since then she has stayed away from the limelight; However, their name became a trend when it emerged that they celebrated their wedding.

It was Friday that the 51-year-old Romanian actress, Married to Javier Vargas, Which he officially introduced as his partner through his account about a year ago Instagram.

IAlthough Joanna Benedecki And her husband has not shared the details of their relationship, images of the spectacular party are circulated on social networks, in which well-known figures of Mexican show business, including the host. Shanik Berman, Who revealed some of the most important moments of the night,

Joanna Benedek and her fabulous wedding (Instagram).

IAll About the Wedding of Joanna Benedek and Javier Vargas

The soap opera villain was married on Friday, November 4 in a religious ceremony that took place in a splendid church. The man in charge of leading the bride to the altar was producer Emilio Larosa, Who along with his wife also served as godfather.

In the photos, Joanna Benedek can be seen walking down the central corridor holding the hand of the producer, with whom she worked on telenovelas such as Until we part money, two houses hey cheated on women, Projects in which they established an inextricable and close friendship.

famous pike A beautiful white mermaid dress with which she highlighted her stylish figure, It was off the shoulder and had a lovely neckline. The sleeves were lace and had rhinestone appliques running down the chest.

She wore the traditional veil, which was several meters long and was embroidered with flowers. Of course the bouquet cannot disappear, made from lilac flowers and roses such as orchids and tulips.

After the ceremony, they enjoyed fireworks. Afterwards, the couple and guests went to a beautiful and prestigious ballroom to continue the party. you can see in a picture Benedek’s mother, who traveled with her daughter from Romania In this special moment of your life.

The place was decorated with brilliant lighting and the centerpieces were very high with a variety of flowers and even artificial lighting. as expected, heSpouses danced their first waltz and cut a wonderful cake.

Among the guests were actresses Claudia Troy, in addition to the following maribel guardia and her husband, Marco Chacon, Who took to her Instagram to share snapshots of the romantic event and dedicated a few words to the newlyweds.

,God bless you and may you be happy forever, you are a beautiful and light-hearted couple,” wrote Maribel Guardia, who attended the wedding in a tight red dress with a high neckline.

Few details are known about the love story of Javier Vargas and Joanna Benedek, who walked away from soap operas more than a decade ago. Explore the world of Spiritual healing such as Reiki. IIn 2019, he announced that it was not a definitive retirement and that he was waiting for the right role to resume his career.


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