Joanna Vega-Biestro Comes to Ana Maria Alvarado’s Defense and Responds to Maxine Woodside

  • Ana Maria Alvarado and Maxine Woodside have become a trend for a few days due to workplace related issues.
  • Ana Maria Alvarado explained via her YouTube channel that Maxine and her son Fernando, who is in charge of the production, decided to make a series of changes, leaving her only one day a week.

No Doubt Show Schedule Changes ‘For all women’ They’ve got a lot to talk about, okay maxine woodside received a lot of criticism, especially because Ana Maria Alvarado He will come in the said program only on Tuesday.

In the broadcast of last Monday, December 12, the call ‘Queen of Radio’ clarified that also The host of ‘Sale El Sol’ decided to collaborate with him for just one dayAfter the salary and personnel adjustments were made in the company they work for, moreover, she made it clear that she had nothing to do with her partner’s determination.

“It’s not a personal thing, I want many years, but the formula has adjustments in salary and personnel, as has happened in other television stations; so, well, if he just decided to come one day , then you have to respect that too,” he explained.

Woodside also stated on his Twitter account that Alvarado was the one who made the decision to only stay with him for one day due to “budget problems in the company”. Even then, joanna vega-biestro Ana Maria Alvarado’s partner in ‘Sale El Sol’ He replied With the following message: “By his decision? We all know that wasn’t the case, but as you say, Rocio, we came out victorious.”

Vega-Biastro also used her Twitter account to send a message to Maxine asking her to come clean on the matter, although she insisted that Alvarado was not the one who “did everything for women” for just one day. had decided to stay.

“I don’t understand anymore … better agree, his decision or lack of money?” The only clear and real thing is that Ana Maria Alvarado was not the one who decided to leave just for one day,” she said. While Woodside to end the discussion commented: “Yes, because of lack of money . He decided to go for just one day.

Joanna Vega-Biestro Comes to Ana Maria Alvarado's Defense and Responds to Maxine Woodside

But the controversy did not end here because on Tuesday, December 13, in one of his programs Maxine Woodside sent a message to Joanna via Anita, With an angry tone, the owner of “Todo para la mujer” asked Alvarado to please explain to Joana why he would go to the program only one day a week and that the death of his son Alejandro Iriarte had nothing to do with the issue.

“Anna, do me a favor. Explain to Joanna Vega-Bistro why you are only living one day a week, because she says she doesn’t understand. Tell her that my son’s death only comes to you one day a week.” Nothing to do with, please, okay?

Before Maxine Woodside’s words, Ana Maria Alvarado confined herself to saying only: “Yeah, I’ll tell her”, as there were only seconds left for the program to end.

a few hours ago, joanna vega-biestro She used her social networks to respond to the “Queen of Radio” following her comments on the broadcast and returned to defend her friend.

“I’m here because I’m getting so many messages that I never imagined. Yes, I heard the message that Maxine sent me that she told her when there were 30 seconds left in the program, so Anita Said: ‘I’ll tell you’. Because there was no time to say anything,” she began.

Vega-Biastro assured that she never named Maxine’s dead son as she mentioned it: “I invite Maxine to show me at the top of this time that I touched the subject of her son at some point. I never mentioned that topic, I don’t know why she brought it up and if I invite her to show me because maybe she doesn’t know me, but I never do that, neither did I.

“I said that it was not clear to me what they were saying with regards to Ana’s departure, as they seem to be in contradictions, they say she decided to stay only one day and later it was a budget was the point. Because I play it down because I love Anita so much at this point in time because she’s shown me her friendship, support and everything you could want. You two didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve it, she Been there for 30 years and I think the truth is at least he deserved a call or something, I already noticed he was upset but I wasn’t the one who wrote those tweets,” he concluded. .

Joanna Vega-Biestro Comes to Ana Maria Alvarado's Defense and Responds to Maxine Woodside

Furthermore, on Twitter, Joana defended her friendship with Ana María and made it clear that she would always be “goofy” to the people she loves, referring to the haters’ comments.

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