Job seekers are in the “driver’s seat” this holiday season, experts say

More than half a million Americans usually seek additional work around holiday season, with inflation At a record high and a potential recession, more people are being driven to look for seasonal jobs.

And one expert says the labor market may be starting to cool, but it is still hot.

“It’s the best job-seeking market we’ve ever seen,” said Julia Pollack, chief economist at Zip Recruiter, an online marketplace for jobs. “Employers still have to make very attractive offers, and job seekers are still in the driver’s seat.”

Companies are coming up with big incentives including higher salaries. Amazon announced this month that it is offering a sign-on bonus of up to $3,000 with potential opportunities for full-time jobs.

With vacation costs expected to rise 6% this year, people are looking for ways to keep up.

There are many opportunities to explore.

Splendid’s head of East Coast operations Jason Mabel told CBS News he struggled to fill shifts over the past two years. This year, they started hiring even earlier – in September.

“This is the time where maybe a teacher can take a few weeks off during the holiday season and they want to come in a few shifts,” he said.

But as consumers begin holiday shopping to stretch their budgets, and plan to spend less than usual, major retailers are divided on how they’re hiring.

While Amazon and target Walmart, the country’s largest retailer, has set a target of doing holiday hires similar to 2021. Macy’s is also holding back about half of its seasonal workers compared to last year.

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