Johnny Depp debuts as Rihanna’s model and he slams singer: “You support misogyny”

Johnny Depp confirms he looks better with a mustache than a face without hair, watch Rihanna’s exclusive on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has already released the Rihanna Savage x Fenty Volume 4 special and no one is talking about the top-notch production it achieved, with Angela Aguilar about to make its first Mexican appearance in the concept. As in, the interpreter-designed lingerie piece “Lift Me Up”, the theme song of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, No, None of These, Johnny Depp Stole the show.

Social networks went wild after seeing the actor’s physical transformation yesterday Fantastic animal. He just made a poor decision to shave his face and his expression became that of an old woman. He compared her to Mane singers Denis de Calaf and Fer Olvera. Zero supported him. Prior to this, her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards made fun of the cancellations she was subjected to.

TMZ warned last week that Amber Heard’s ex will not parade through the video, which lasts more than 40 minutes, will only appear as an image or special guest. But imagine what, Depp walks like he’s on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. Their introduction takes place at minute 20. Johnny comes out from the shade of a tree and wears a green cloak as he walks with his chest covered with chains,

amazon prime video

Johnny Depp in Savage x Fenty Vol. 4

Luckily for RiRi, the Pirates of the Caribbean star still kept his padlocked beard and mustache, which many of his fans fall in love with. He smiles effortlessly and challenges the camera with his gaze. Their participation is limited to just one minute and ends by hugging another tree. Of course, in addition to her, the feminist group “Umbrella” is strongly criticizing the singer.


Rihanna attacked for inviting Johnny Deppo

The hashtags #AbuserXFenty and #DitchDepp were created in this fresh attempt to cancel. @LilSexyCommie added, “Including Johnny Depp on your show makes it a whole lot different. It may go viral and give you the spotlight, but that guy doesn’t resonate with our generation.” “Johnny is gone exalted as a hero of extreme right-wing and misogyny, Savage x Fenty invited. I never thought a powerful woman died. you let me down rihanna@deardrewdixon Added.

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