Jorge Mistral: it was the tragic suicide of the head of the Ciné d’Oros

Despite the fact that not much is said about it on several occasions George Mistral, The talented Spanish actor was one of the leading stars of the golden age of Mexican cinema, where he managed to shine alongside other great figures of the time. Although, His career was cut short by a terrible illness that forced him to take his own life.So this time we will remember how was the illustrious career of this famous actor and we will tell you how his tragic suicide was.

Modesto Losas Rossel was the real name of George Mistralwas born on November 24, 1920 in Valencia, Spain and despite the fact that little is known about his childhood and adolescence, it is known that He was studying law when he discovered the performing artsHowever, his talent and his interest in the stage were immense and he soon set aside the laws to focus on his artistic career.

George Mistral stood out thanks to his masculine image and his natural talent for acting. Photo: Special

beginning of George Mistral In acting he was in theatre, however, it did not take him long to make the leap to the big screen and It was in the mid-1940s when he began appearing in his first filmsWhere he quickly began to stand out for his acting talent and his masculine image, which introduced him as a heartthrob.

In the late 1940s, George Mistral traveled to the American continent with a famous theater company And when he arrived in Mexico he started working on various films of the so called golden age of Mexican cinema, where he established himself as one of the greatest figures and for many years he made different films with great personalities. made as Maria Felix, Dolores Del Rio, Gloria Marin and Sylvia Pinal, Just to mention a few.

It is worth mentioning that, Jorge Mistral not only built a career in Mexico and Spain, but also recorded different films in different Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Argentina where he established himself as a celebrityApart from this, he also participated in some productions. Italian and reached Hollywood.

During his golden years as a film heartthrob, George Mistral Had Too Many Romances And as far as is known, she was married four times He had a total of three children.

The handsome Spanish heartthrob gained fame in different countries. Photo: Special

The Illness That Driven George Mistral to Suicide

In the late 1960s, George Mistral was at the peak of his career, Even then, was diagnosed with duodenal cancer, However, from the outset he decided to hide his condition, which became more complicated than expected, causing severe pain, which he tried to pacify with alcohol and several pills, but few to avoid defeat. It wasn’t enough either.

After entering the 1970s, George Mistral began to lose weight due to loss of appetite, so his image began to deteriorateHowever, he continued to hide his position as he did not want to shy away from acting or production, as in the last years of his career he started experimenting with another site in the entertainment industry.

Jorge Mistral came to be regarded as one of the top movie stars in Mexico. Photo: Special

On the morning of 21 April 1972, George Mistral was in his home in the neighborhood of Napoles in Mexico City and decided to end his suffering and took advantage of the fact that his wife was still sleeping looking for her pistol and ended his life with one shot, It is noteworthy that the actor’s family became aware of the illness until a few days after his death, thanks to one of Mistral’s friends, actor Victor Alcosar, who knew only about the situation in Spanish.

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