Jorge Rivero Unrecognizable reappears and sends a message to Andrés García.

Jorge RiveroOne of the Mexican leading men of the ’70s reappeared and sent a message to Andrés García, his contemporaries, both male figures of the time, the undisputed leading men of Mexican television at the time.

At the age of 84, Rivero appeared in front of Televisa cameras to say that he was in very good health, having lived in Los Angeles with his wife for 30 years; He has four children.

Jorge Rivero was considered one of the most athletic actors in Mexican cinema, making him one of the biggest male sex symbols of the 1970s and 1980s.

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Although he now sports white hair, he remains slim and in good shape, as he said, he continues to exercise. From a very young age he had an athletic life which included bodybuilding, swimming and water polo.

That impressive physique led him to support El Santo in “Operation 67” (1967) and “El Tesoro de Moctezuma” (1968).

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Jorge Rivero, Unknown

After years away from cameras and Mexico, the actor surprised again in an interview from his home in the United States; Rivero, best remembered for starring in films such as “Bellas de Noche” and “Las Ficheras”, was one of the most-watched faces in the so-called Ficheros cinema.

She also starred in films such as “Soldier Blue” (1970) and “Rio Lobo” (1970) with international figures in the United States, where she co-starred with John Wayne; In “The Last Hard Man” (1976) with Charlton Heston and in “Day of the Assassin” (1979) with Glenn Ford.

Now he enjoys a quiet family life.

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Jorge Rivero plans to visit Mexico this year and is visiting 81-year-old Andrés García, a friend and colleague who is not going through a good period of health, hospitalized for recurring crises due to cirrhosis , which he has been suffering from for months.

Capture video televisa show.

Garcia had collapsed at her home weeks earlier, making her condition worse; He is currently looked after by his wife Margarita; Through his YouTube channel, Garcia has confessed that he may be living the last years of his life, as he feels very sick and weak.

Jorge Rivero, upon learning of Andes García’s state of health, sent him a message of best wishes and a speedy recovery; He assured her that very soon he would visit her at his home in Acapulco.

“My dear Andres, I send you a greeting, the best thing is to get well, I would like to visit you in Acapulco, I would not be more happy than to go to Acapulco, I already about to go in October Thought, so see you there,” he said.

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