Jose Jose: A Gay Love? The real story behind the song ‘Gavilan O Paloma’

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one of the songs jose jose She is the most famous and most liked by the public sparrow or pigeonEspecially after it became the soundtrack to the 1985 film The Life of the Prince of Song.

Song Rafael Perez Botija. was written byA Spanish musician who has accumulated some hits with the voices of some of the most famous singers in the world.

There is a detail in the lyrics of that theme that has attracted the attention of fans for decades, ever since. There are rumors that it was written based on a sexual experience the author himself had with a transvestite,

The reality of Jose Jose’s song ‘Gavilan o Paloma’

Despite the fact that Jose Jose repeatedly insisted that the song was about a teenager who had sex with an older woman, Perez Botija may have revealed the truth,

There are reports on the Internet that the Spaniard revealed in a radio interview that the subject was inspired by a personal experience he had when he was young, dressed as a woman, although there is no trace of those statements.

Yes, what did Cristian Castro in an interview with Botija and Jose Jose together, The composer clarified that the principle of the interpreter Pillow About the old lady, it was not true.

“It is not far off. It is not the first time, but almost almost… Let it be the first time I was in strong sensations,” he said.

What does ‘Gavilan or Dove’ mean in Jose Jose’s song?

The song has verses such as: “Fool, naive, charlatan because he was a dove who thought he was a hawk”, which is probably They make reference to the fact that Raphael had sex believing that the man was a woman, but it turned out to be a man.

The given interpretation is that a hawk or dove is a distinction between one sex and the other, to refer to love between people of the same sex.

And the song seems to have been written at a time when the issue of sexual diversity was already becoming a bit more visible in Spain.

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