Juan Colado sends a message to his ex, Leti Calderón, from prison after learning about his surgery

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leticia calderone He had entered the operating room a few days ago to be treated for symptoms of bile duct and hiatal hernia, which was causing him discomfort after eating certain foods. She felt very uncomfortable all the time and decided to undergo surgery. before him and the father of his children, Juan ColadoHe sent a message hoping for a speedy recovery.

Letty Calderone revealed that she could no longer eat green tomatoes, tomatoes, seeds, coffee, tea, fat and many other things, so it was very difficult for her to choose her food as everything made her jealous. He revealed this during an interview for the programme.”the sun rises,

He also said that it was already very difficult to sleep, he even needed three pillows to settle down because everything got blown up at night. “It Wasn’t Life”He mentioned.

Luckily, everything went well and she is now recovering at home with the care and attention of her children, Luciano and Carlo, who are taking care of her mother at all times. She is so inspired and grateful to see him so active in her defense, she also reveals that her son Luciano wants to be a doctor and is excited to feel responsible for his mother’s recovery.

“I was touched that my children were with me in the hospital”mentioned the actress who also said that Luciano already has an actual doctor kit, a gift from a friend of her mom’s. When asked about her former partner and the father of her children, Letty Calderone admitted that she has also been on the lookout with messages through her children.

He reveals that he has no way of communicating with Juan Colado, unless he does so from the prison where he has been for more than three years. “He talked and asked how I was sleeping, Carlo touched me and said “Daddy, she is sleeping”, to which he replied “Please tell her we are here”, Juanito (Juan Colado’s son), the office, and everyone who helped me in the hospital were very attentive. They came to see me and everything. I thank you wholeheartedly that you are always on the lookout for me and my children.”Dear actress said.

He also shared that it was a condition that he did not attend on time and let it get worse over the years which is why it became so severe that he collapsed in the hospital.

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