Juan Gabriel: 5 demands that “El Divo de Juárez” made for his productions

Juan Gabriel fans got the best news in 2022. Last November, the singer’s first posthumous studio album was released since his death in August 2016. The new work is the third installment in a series of their duet recording projects (“Los Duo” and “Los Duo 2” saw the light before) and includes collaborations with artists from different genres.

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songs that are part “Two Pair 3” They were composed of material that the actor had recorded before leaving this physical world. “My father lived to make music. He knew that music had the ability to enhance the day and change the mood, and he knew what music meant to the world. His two great passions were making music and his Beloved Mexico, as well as the entire Latino community, at the forefront, so that the world may see its beauty and culture”, were the words of evan gabriel aguilera In the official account of the interpreter of “Abrazame mu fuerte”.

john gabriel He was one of the best musicians the continent gave, in fact his knowledge and experience served to boost the careers of other artists who had him as a reference. His success as a performer was reflected in the amount of money he managed to raise as well as the demands he made when performing at a concert or private event.

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one of the first conditions he put “El Divo de Juarez” was meant to collect: it is said that he came to collect 2 million pesos by presentation. Second, the “idol of the majority” asked flights To all the dancers who accompanied him on stage.

Third, Michoacán asked to always be in a five star hotel, like all the teams that made up his entire staff. As a fourth condition, on reaching the residence, john gabriel always asked for a Suite with many candles and flowers, And lastly, it was of maximum security for the artist. armored truck From your arrival at the airport, passing through hotels, to arriving at a show location.

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