Juan Gabriel is alive, his son confirms it and gives all the information

John Gabriel

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Latin America was shocked when, in 2016, it became known that one of the continent’s greatest musical idols had passed away: Juan Gabriel. There were tears and tributes but there was a hole in the hearts of all his fans and followers.

Eight years have passed since the incident and there are some people who still hope that everything is planned or a joke and the idol of the public is still with us. It all seemed like a simple illusion but now it will be very different.

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His son, Ivan Aguilera, has been in charge of the news that may shake all his fans.

john gabriel is alive

“I think we all carry Juan Gabriel in our hearts, in songs, in memory, he will always live on in our hearts and that’s what I believe,” Aguilera said, according to Media Tempo X. Announced on the occasion of all. Tribute to Juanga, staged “Cirque Musica Querida”.

“I believe that the heart is where Juan Gabriel lives and always will be,” he concluded, making it clear that Juan Gabriel will live forever.

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