Juan Gabriel prepares for his return and now his heirs will be between a rock and a hard place

John Gabriel

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Latin America was shocked when, in 2016, it became known that one of the continent’s greatest musical idols had passed away: Juan Gabriel. There were tears and tributes but there was a hole in the hearts of all his fans and followers.

Eight years have passed since the incident and there are some people who still hope that everything is planned or a joke and the idol of the public is still with us. His ex-rep, Joaquín Munoz, has been in charge of pushing for this and more than one person has joined him.

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If this were true, then the successors of the “Divo” could have more than one problem.

Juan Gabriel’s Heir Between a Rock and a Hard Place

“They don’t see that there is no death certificate for Alberto Aguilera Valdez, so I proposed an end to the example. Days, weeks, months passed and Puss never showed Alberto’s death certificate, and here’s our In between I’ll tell them: He’s not even going to present it. Neither the heir nor everything that spins is true, everything is a lie,” Munoz announced for TVyNovelas.

This can put his heirs between a rock and a hard place, as their feelings will certainly be positive, knowing that Juan Gabriel is still alive, but there can also be negative feelings if it is shown that it involves lies. Were.

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