Judge gives Musk until October 28 to stop buying Twitter

A US judge has given Elon Musk until October 28 to close the purchase of social network Twitter Avoid prosecuting Local media reported this on Thursday.

Not long ago, the Tesla CEO requested a postponement of the process with which Twitter wants to force Musk to buy the company. $44,000 million agreed, For the purpose of closing the last detail.

Musk’s lawyers presented a brief to the court handling the case, arguing that, he told Twitter this week of his decision to proceed with the $54.2 per share purchase, There was no reason to pursue the judicial process.

Furthermore, he insisted that if the legal battle continued, it could be jeopardizing the operation.

In the document, Musk’s defense explained that the acquisition is due to be completed around October 28, the one-time billionaire has received the necessary financing for purchase.

So far, Twitter refused to withdraw its demand And on Wednesday, the judge in charge of the case, Kathleen McCormick, already confirmed that preparations for the trial are currently underway.

“Waste of Resources”

In its brief, Musk’s defense blames the social network for its decision to keep the legal battle open and insists there is no reason to think that the richest man in the world is not going to get money from the banks You need to complete the operation.

Twitter does not take a yes to an answer. Amazingly, they have insisted on continuing with this lawsuit, recklessly jeopardizing the settlement and playing with the interests of its shareholders”, Lawyers noted.

They insist that proceeding with the trial would be a “massive waste of resources” that would “undermine the ability of the parties to close the transaction” and could lead to Leave the operation “in limbo” And get Twitter shareholders their money much later.

Archive image from Elon Musk's Twitter account.

Twitter responded quickly and in another brief to the court, opposed Musk’s request, making it clear that He does not trust the last promises of the trader.

“The defendant can and must stop [la compra] next week”, Said a lawyer for the company, who agreed that until that happens, the issue should continue to move towards trial.

The social network accused Musk of refusing to give a certain date for the completion of the operation and said that there is a proposal to postpone the test “An invitation to more shenanigans and delays”.

Representatives from both sides have been discussing details of the agreement as Musk surprised this week by announcing his intention to move forward with the original agreement to buy the social network, which canceled months ago And it had prompted Twitter to go to court.

According to US media, the decision to resume the purchase of Twitter at $54.20 per share came after the tycoon. tried unsuccessfully to get a discount up to 30%.

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