Julian Alvarez was attacked in concert; they threw a glass of beer at him

Julian Alvarez was attacked in concert; He threw a glass at her. Photo: Darkroom

Julian Alvarez A harrowing moment passed when, in the middle of the performance, one of the attendees threw a glass of beer at him while the singer sang one of his songs. position was occupied Video And it quickly went viral on social media.

This is how he attacked Julian Alvarez

in moving images digital platform it is commendable that Julian Alvarez occurs on his back when he receives glass-like liquid, as singerThe one who faced serious legal problems is limited to kicking.

The video shows how, prior to the attack, Julian lvarez, who was caught drunk at a concert, picks up a flower, which is public They threw that too, as a sign affection and appreciation.

and although Julian He looks a little annoyed by the situation, he didn’t stop his Presentation In Palenque From Tehuacan Fairwhich was held in pueblaAnd dozens. continued to sing for fan who met on the spot.

Did they find the attacker?

while the concert Julian Alvarez to continue, safety element They began to look in public for the person responsible for the attack on the singer, for which they thanked witnesses,

In one video, it is seen that the man who thought it was fun to bathe Julian with a glass of beer, tries to go unnoticed by taking something. Sunflower, However, he was unable to escape his responsibility and was subdued by event security.

After a few strokes, the man who threw the glass towards him Julian Alvarez was removed from the place and singer continued his performance to the delight of dozens of fans who sang such hits as “my greatest wish”, “worldly”, “best wishes to you”, “you would have left earlier”, among others.

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