Jungkook from BTS and “Dreamers”: What the new song lyrics say for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Jungkook is a South Korean singer and dancer (Photo by Michael Regan – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Jeon Jung-kook, better known in the entertainment industry jungkookhas made its long-awaited debut in one of the most important sporting events: the world cup qatar 2022, Individually, but representing the successful group to which he belongs, a member of bts single premiered the dreamersOne of the two official anthems of the Fan Festival FIFA World Cup,

hand in hand with katri Fahad Al QubaisiThe K-pop youth idol delighted his millions of followers for the first time by giving his first live music performance of the single in front of 60,000 stadium spectators. Al Bait and before the match between Qatar and Ecuador.

jungkook became First South Korean artist to come into limelight Opening a World Cup and this feat has been accomplished at the age of just 25, making history for the popular music genre he belongs to and his nation.

He became the first South Korean artist to headline the opening of a World Cup (Photo by Alex Kaparos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)
He became the first South Korean artist to headline the opening of a World Cup (Photo by Alex Kaparos – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

make a clear distinction with tuko takaThe second official anthem performed by Maluma, Nicki Minaj and Myriam Fares, member of BTS and Qatari Fahad Al Qubaisi He has made it clear that his lyrical main objective is to “let the world know” that being a “dreamer” allows every goal to become a reality, but as long as there is “respect and passion”.

“Look who we are. we are dreamers, We’ll make it true because we can see it. because for the keepers an enthusiasm, respect, Because for those who maintain the magic, respect”, can be heard in the first part and the duo’s chorus which has been officially premiered on music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music why Youtube Music,

Jungkook was the lead in the said song, so his solo reinforces the message that was already mentioned in a duet, trying to explain everything and leave nothing open to possible interpretation. The soloist reminds his fans with his lyrics that “the door is open”, but “respect is the only way” to “enter”.

The official cover of 'Dreamers' (Photo: Instagram/@jungkook.97)
The official cover of ‘Dreamers’ (Photo: Instagram/@jungkook.97)

“Gather around now, look at me. respect is the only way, If you want to come, come with me. the door is open every day, This appointment is for one, two or more per day. This is what we do, this is how we do it”, the single ends before repeating the chorus twice.

The Colombian is also making history by becoming the official representative of Spanish-speakers at the 2022 soccer World Cup, although his move has been mired in controversy despite managing to co-operate with the nominee. queen of rap, nicki minaj,

this is because skipped an interview with Israeli series Able to After being asked their opinion about complaints of human rights violations that were presented during work for one of the largest economic benefit events that appear every four years in favor of their selected locations.

Maluma skips interview with Israeli media Video: Jewish Links, Twitter.

strange moment came when the reporter Moab wasthe interviewer asked handsome boy what do you think about the cast dua lipa and their compatriots shakirarefused to participate in World Cup events over the issue, which led to mixed reviews.

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