Jury finds Kevin Spacey not liable for minor’s injuries in 1986

A jury in New York finds the actor kevin spacey Not responsible for injuries against actor anthony rapwho accused him of trying to seduce her and touch him with sexual intent 1986when he was a minor.

Rapp, now 50, was seeking millionaire compensation for damages in a civil lawsuit against 63-year-old Spacey, a process that began two weeks ago and in which the judge Lewis Kaplan Decided to dismiss one charge of assault and another charge of intentional emotional harm, so only one injury was settled.

According to CNNThe jury deliberated exactly one hour after the closing arguments of Blame and b, and concluded that Rapp did not present sufficient evidence that Spacey “took a” Part sexual hey intimate“, therefore the magistrate formally ordered that the matter be closed.

it was necessary ingredients The remainder of the offense of injuries which the jury did not consider to be proven and under New York State law refers to the act of touching another person without their consent and as such may be considered offensive.

Actor Kevin Spacey (c), on October 6, 2022. Photo by EFE/Peter Foley

rapp alleged during the trial that when he was 14 years old and spacey 26, and both worked in the world of theater, the latter invited her to a party in his apartment manhattan To which he went alone, and Spacey picked him up in a drunken state, laid him on the bed and climbed on top of him.

spaceywho took the stand to defend himself, denied the allegations and disclosed details of his personal life, describing his father as a “white supremacist and a neo-Nazi” who did not acknowledge his sexual orientation , which affected his reserved character and his disapproval. bigotry and intolerance.

Whistleblower, best known for his role in the series “Star Trek: Discovery”, publicly accused spacey In 2017, at the height of the movement Me tooand later sued him under a new New York law that allows victims of child sexual abuse to go to court years later.

Despite Spacey’s victory in this civil trial in New York, the double Oscar winner will face trial next year in the United Kingdom for allegedly sexually assaulting three men a decade ago, for which Spacey also pleaded not guilty. Did. Last July.

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