Justice Department will seek jail time for Texas family of 5 in January 6 case

Prosecutors are seeking jail time Five members of the Texas family arrested for roles in US Capitol Violation, In new court filings, the Justice Department recommends one month in prison for Don and Thomas Munn and 21 days in prison for the couple’s three adult children.

The Munn family of Borger, Texas, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge, admitting that they spent nearly an hour inside the Capitol on January 6, 2021, including time in a private Senate conference room. The family members are accused of bragging about their roles on January 6, or of misrepresenting the size and scope of the attack and damage. One in five is charged with blaming the police.

Seeking leniency in the letter and court filings, the family’s mother continued to raise questions about the validity of the 2020 election results, citing “mathematical impossibility” in the results from election day. In his letter to the court, Don Munn said the family traveled to Washington for their two young children as part of a graduation trip. In one letter, Munn indicated that a federal stimulus check helped pay for the trip.

According to court filings, a third daughter, under the age of 18, was also inside the Capitol with the family.

Prosecutors alleged in the filing that Don Munn, 57, a nurse; her husband, Thomas, 55, a US Army veteran; son Joshua, 25, a watchman; And daughters Christie, 30, and Kaylee, 20, climbed into the Capitol through broken windows in the doors of the Senate wing.

In a series of sentencing memos filed this week, the Justice Department brought multiple charges against the family. In Christie Munn’s case, prosecutors said, “Despite witnessing a confrontation with officers, the defendant and his family continued to roam the Capitol Building until they found their way into the Senate Conference Room, Room S-145, where they Spent time watching a large number of people. The rioters and officers gathered on the west side of the building.”

Screenshot showing Christy Munn at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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According to the memo, prosecutors asked D.C. District Court Chief Justice Beryl Howell to sentence the Munn parents to 30 days in prison and three weeks to the adult children. Sentencing is set for October 12.

Screenshot showing the Munn family at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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Security camera photos released by the Justice Department show a variety of photographs of the Munn family among the crowd. According to prosecutors’ filings, Thomas is shown smoking a cigarette as he walks through the building. One of his daughters can be seen wearing a camouflage jacket, while the other can be seen draped in a Trump banner. A family photo near the Capitol, in which the underage child’s face is obscured, is included in a court filing from the Justice Department.

The Munn family at the US Capitol, January 6, 2021.

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Don Mun has submitted some letters to the court, seeking leniency from the judge. In one, Munn wrote, “As of now, there is no definitive answer to my question, on the accuracy of the vote, so a question remains. I accept that the vote was certified, and President Biden was inaugurated.” Was 20 January 2021, so I fully accept that he is the President. Our President. Whether I agree with the policies of a person or not, I respect the position and inauguration of President Biden as the President of our country I have a lot of regrets, about having to go into the building through the window, and more overall, about going into the building. I should have known something was wrong. You through a broken window Don’t enter the Capitol. I realized something was very wrong and soon after entering I started trying to figure out what to do — and how to get my family out of the building.”

In another letter, Don Mun referred to “mathematical impossibilities” involving his family’s questions about the 2020 election and electoral integrity. She wrote, “In early January, I learned that a stimulus check had been deposited into our checking account. The family had traveled to Washington DC to speak to the president and see our nation’s history,” she wrote. The trip was a complete itinerary, including a visit to the Lincoln Memorial, as well as Arlington National Cemetery. The trip was made on very short notice and on a limited budget.”

Defense lawyers for most of the Munn family did not immediately return a request for comment.

In his personal court filings seeking leniency on the sentencing, Munno made several arguments, including one that he was not violent on January 6. They are seeking probation and the family should be spared from jail.

Kaylee Munn’s lawyer, the youngest of the three accused children, wrote in a memorandum to the court, “Ms. Kaylee Munn was the youngest in the Munn family that was charged, as she was the youngest adult. Munn volunteered to travel. Aya, but she was not the coordinator of the trip with her parents. To be clear, she was a willing participant, and does not deny her personal culpability in the case, but her involvement was not as an organizer. , rather a young adult who goes to a rally with his family and inappropriately joins them as they all enter the US Capitol.”

Kristie Munn’s defense attorney wrote, “As a group of five, the Munn family was more conscious of staying together to avoid separation among large crowds, which made their exit more difficult than those who acted alone.” Although Ms. Munn and her family were inside for about 51 minutes, more than half of that time was spent getting out and/or avoiding chaotic and potentially dangerous situations.”

Lawyer for Army veteran Thomas Munn argued that he did not present any threat to the community.

“Mr. Munn’s history is not that of a dangerous criminal, but of a devoted husband and caring father, who made a horrific error in judgment on January 6. He is a stay-at-home father with eight children with his wife. Huh. “

Don Munn’s attorney, Heather Shaner, told CBS News that a probation sentence would be more rewarding.

“I would propose an education course in civics and US government at a community college because the need for a period of probation would be of greater benefit to the defendant, his family, and the community than a period of incarceration.”

There are about 880 federal defendants in the US Capitol riots. Munn is among nearly 300 family members who have pleaded guilty to the rape.

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