Karol ji dazzles in a stunning dress at a night club in Colombia

Karol ji is characterized by being very sympathetic with his followers And once he succeeds in affirming that he does not do so by currency. now Through his Instagram stories, the interpreter reveals the result of the night outIt started in a place called Provenza in the Colombian city of Medellin, where, according to its publication, all was quiet when suddenly the situation changed.

It was about the “cool” plan

According to the publication of “La Bichota”, he had plan to party in quiet modeHowever, from what can be seen in his publications, With some fans starting to join the disco atmosphere. Everything seemed to be in order until Karol ji took the microphone,

Karol ji started the party in Medellin. , Photo: Instagram @karolg

From what can be seen in his publications, Carolina Giraldo, Karol G’s birth name, started creating the mood inside the place., Judging by the appearance of the singer, Many people who were at that place told about what was happening through their social networks,

“I was only going out for a while and I ended up at the same disco with Karol G at the periando”, “things that only happen in Medellin happen at the same disco with Karol G”. something like this Internet users shared the atmosphere they lived with the reggaeton singer that night,

The atmosphere heated up when he took the mike. , Instagram @karolg

eventually, Karol ji thanks everyone who attended that party night With the following message “Everyone who was at that disco yesterday, they could totally be my friends! What a party we had!”

Karol G poses for the cameras in a corset and is crowned the queen of Instagram

With a fiery red color in her hair that has already forgotten the blue that had become her trademark, Carol ji raises the temperature by posing in front of the camera, posting to their stories Instagram has done nothing less than to drive internet users crazy Who supports him in everything.

Wearing a white corset that highlights her curves, Karol G shows off more that it has sufficient reason to be recognized leaving aside other merits his personal disputes or his talent and musical development,

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