Karol ji’s sister raised the temperature of Tiktok in a swimsuit

Catherine Giraldo is a businesswoman, influencer and model, also known as the half-sister of the successful Colombian singer. Karol ji, Through his social networks, he is in charge of showing that he has nothing to envy Bichhota as he has a privileged body and keeps all eyes on each of his posts. Over the past few hours, through an incredible TikTok dance, she showed off her curves by wearing a tight swimsuit.

Unlike his sister, Catherine Giraldo She is 28 years old, is a producer of digital content, she is a stylist, a professional colorist and has ventured into modeling on several occasions. On the other hand, she is an excellent businesswoman, considering that she has a line of coffee and underwear for women, which she herself is responsible for promoting on her social networks. In recent times, she has become an ambassador for several women’s swimwear brands.

Catherine Giraldo is a prominent businessman. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19

in case you did not know, Catherine Giraldo She has a close relationship with Karol ji, given that she is his half-sister. The kinship comes because they share the same father, but their mother passed away a few years ago. As for the singer, she is in the final stages of the ‘$trip love tour’ and through her social networks, she thanked the public and her work team for their affection.

Karol G says goodbye to ‘$tril Love Tour’. Source Instagram @karolg

Through her TikTok account, where she also amassed thousands of followers, Katherine Giraldo fell in love with everyone from a swimsuit dance, which caused sighs. sister of Karol ji confirms that she has nothing to envy her sister and is in charge of showing off her incredible curves. It was not long before the comments praising her figure came.

Not only does everyone fall in love with TikTok, but through her Instagram account where she has more than 140 thousand followers, she shares pictures in swimsuits or wearing various lace outfits that she promotes. On the relationship that Katherine has with Karol jiHe has put off contact for a while, but he admires her for the career she has made.

Karol ji’s sister in a swimsuit. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19

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