Kate and William post new photo with their kids for Christmas

The Princes of Wales have sent their Christmas card this year, sharing a new family photo, in which we can see how big the little princes are: George, Charlotte and Louis. Also, with this postcard, Kate Middleton Westminster Abbey is preparing for the Christmas Carol service this 15th December.

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared this year’s Christmas card

William and Kate Middleton have published a new family photo to send their well wishes to members of the English and Commonwealth later this year, It shows Guillermo de Galles wearing jeans and a blue shirt; Catalina in denim pants and crop top; And his three children are in shorts and blue T-shirts.

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Kate and William with their children for a Christmas card. Photo: Instagram

Carlos III and Camilla’s Christmas postcard

A few days ago, King Charles III and his wife, Camilla Parker, did the same and sent their first Christmas card together, wishing the whole of the United Kingdom a happy holiday and a wonderful start to the new year.

It is expected that after a Christmas concert to be given by the Princess of Wales at Westminster Abbey on 15 December, the royal family will withdraw from their public engagements and spend Christmas Eve, as per tradition, at Sandringham in the United Kingdom. Will take refuge New Year’s Eve.

Carlos III and Camilla send their first Christmas card
Carlos III and Camilla send their first Christmas card. Photo: Instagram

Royal family prepares to seek refuge and protect themselves from attacks by Harry and Meghan Markle

Likewise, it is believed that this family reunion will lead them to the second part of the documentary “Harry and meghan netflix which will detail his departure from the royal family and the Duke of Sussex’s battle against the media.

So that kate y williams, Like Camilla and Carlos III, they wanted to share their congratulations for the coming holiday days ahead of Christmas. Because maybe later he will take refuge in Sandringham and we will see him till next year. Well, he won’t be ready to face questions from the press about the Duke of Sussex series.

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