Kate del Castillo paralyzes the network with a transparent floral dress

for them 50 years, kate del castillo She keeps assuming the shape of a heart attack, proof of this is a photography which he posted on his account instagramin which he uses a dress spaghetti strap, long, flowing, lilac color with black flowers, which show her underwear in black, as well as tattoos, She wore an outfit in the same fabric, which combined with her dark hair made her look like a fairytale.

publication It was a success in the social network of the little camera, it was immediately flooded with red hearts, more than 101 thousand “I like this”, their followers 1,351 left notes In which he praised the look and told what hermosa What was she wearing in that dress? Some said she had left them “speechless” because of how beautiful she looked in the two pictures she shared.

One of her followers wrote, “What a beautiful woman, she’s on the cover.”

kate del castillo one of them actresses For this reason the most loved and recognized Mexican women around the world instagram 9.3 million followerswhom he usually pleases Photo In which she shares her best outfits, part of her work and moments with her family, which is also highly appreciated by the public.

since the age of 19 conquered the masses Mexican with her role as Leticia Bustamante in the Televisa telenovela,”little girls”, Since 1991. From then on, his fame continued to bubble up and he starred in several more melodramas in Mexico. Several years ago the actress decided to try her luck in the United States and she was successful in it, “queen of the south”, where Teresa Mendoza plays, this role gave her international launch.

Undoubted scandals He did not let it go unnoticed, not only in his passionate relationshipsAlso for political positions in the projects he has done, such as the famous interview Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán.

There were thousands of interactions on the post. Photo: Instagram, Ketelcastillo.

your father’s health

daughter of Eric Del Castillo talked about your father’s health after the release of a video where he also actor He is in a restaurant with his family, when Kate arrives, he does not recognize her, which raised doubts about the well-being of the famous.

According to Kate, her father she’s more candid than everhowever, what it’s not quite right it’s your opinionsince they have degeneration stigmaHe did not recognize her when she came because he could not see properly. He said that there is no cure for the problem he has.

But, according to the actress, even this health problem did not stop her father, Who has attracted his talent to continue working and learn his dialoguesWhich also shows that his memory is faultless.


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