Kate del Castillo reveals what her unexpected meeting with Queen Letizia Ortiz was like

mexican actress kate del castillo She has gained international fame and recognition for her role as Teresa Mendoza in the Telemundo series La queen of the south, That’s why the actress was invited to attend an event in Los Angeles, in which she presented a unpredictable meeting with reena from Spain, letizia ortiz, cat It shows What was it like coming face to face with the emperor?

It was during the red carpet opening of the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Los Angeles that kate del castillo He met the Queen of Spain face to face. during this unpredictable meeting The two gave themselves the opportunity to meet and share a thing, in which according to Nayak queen of the southThe reena letizia ortiz He couldn’t stop praising her and even confessed to being his fan.

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