Kate del Castillo talks about the abuse she faced with Luis Garcia

What other couples has Kate del Castillo been in?

“I learned and said, ‘Let’s see, life is mine, it doesn’t belong to anybody else, it doesn’t belong to the press, it doesn’t even belong to my parents, it’s my own life and I can control my life and my body. decide the percentage”, he highlighted.

Luis Garcia

actress who debuted in soap opera little girls (1991) acknowledged that it was difficult to recognize that he was going through an episode of physical and psychological violence. She mentioned that she cried every day without understanding why she had allowed so much pain and abuse.

“I didn’t recognize myself at that point and I got sick, I started crying like crazy saying to myself: ‘How did I let myself get to this point?'”. it was when he left the house he used to share with Luis Garcia never to return

kate del castillo She tried marriage again and in 2009 she married the actor Aaron Diaz From whom he separated after two years. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Director of Photography Edgar Behena,

Kate del Castillo with Aaron Diaz.

in the docu-series my life It also includes accounts of figures such as: Julian Gil, Jencarlos Canela, Manolo Cardona, Rosalyn Sanchez, Guy Acker, Gabi Espino why danny trejoamong others.

Kate del Castillo celebrates one year of dating Edgar Bahena
Kate del Castillo and Edgar Behne

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