Kate Middleton faced the humiliation of Prince William’s friends like a princess

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Kate Middleton faces massive humiliation from Prince William’s friends However, due to class differences, she faced them like a princess. Although the love story of the Princes of Wales deserves a Hollywood movie, the mother of three faced harsh criticism early in their relationship.

Even then, Kate Middleton was able to overcome any adversity and in 2011 she walked down the aisle to say “I do” to Prince William One of the most famous weddings of the moment is in the making. To date, the new Prince of Wales shares three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, who have managed to stand out in their own way and win the public’s affection.

Kate Middleton faces criticism from Prince William’s friends

On starting dating Prince William, Kate Middleton had to break down countless barriers because of the class difference between the two, Via podcast “Dynasty by Vanity Fair,” royal expert, Katie Nicholl, revealed some of the princess’ criticisms.

“Friend of William, I hate to say, When Kate turned to Boujis, he whispered sarcastically, Nicole started the nightclub I used to go to in West London. “The elite insulted Kate because her mother began her career as a flight attendant,” he continued.

The author of “The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown” also praised Kate Middleton’s attitude: “He never put up with them and didn’t let the cruel upper class thug bring him down,

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