Kate Middleton: He was her charming boyfriend before marrying Prince William

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love story ofPrince William and Kate Middleton It started in 2001 when they were both students at St Andrew’s University in Scotland and lived in the same residence. The two tried to hide their romance for a while and even moved into a flat out of their dorm with some college friends. But their relationship became public when they were photographed together on a ski trip.

Now the Prince of Wales separated in 2007 but got back together and announced their engagement in 2010 and married on April 29, 2011. The couple welcomed their first child, Prince George, two years later; Princess Charlotte was born in 2015 and Prince Louis came into her life in 2018.,

but long ago Kate Middleton begins royal life with Prince William, dates other handsome menAmong those who tried to win her heart, there was one that made Prince William very jealous.

willem marx

Before the future King of England, Middleton dated another man named Will. She and Willem Marx began their relationship in 2000 at Marlborough College Boarding School in Wiltshire, England and considered her their first love.

After their separation, they remained friends, with Middleton even inviting them to his wedding. Willem Marx works for CNBC as a reporter in London. He then married Johanna Botta who is an Italian TV presenter.

After leaving boarding school, Kate Middleton Began attending St Andrews University. It was here that she met Prince William, but before that crush she met another student whom she had briefly dated. It was law student Rupert Finch.

rupert finch

While at the University of St Andrews, Middleton began dating Rupert Finch. She was in her final year of law school when they began a romantic relationship that would last less than a year.

Finch is currently a lawyer in London and is married to the daughter of the Marquess of Reading. Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, who also attended St Andrews with Middleton. Rufus Isaacs is also a friend of Prince William and was present when he and Middleton got married.

Henry Ropner

According to the British Press, Prince William jealous of Middleton heir tussle with Henry Ropner During their brief separation in 2007. The eldest son of Princess Diana and King Charles was very upset. About this romance because Ropner was one of her friends from the Eaton school.

The two men are said to have had a slight rivalry as William also dated one of Ropner’s ex, although Middleton and Ropner were only briefly together and then later married Natasha Sinclair, the daughter of an important businessman. Got married

After that Ropner, William and Middleton remained on good terms. And they were seen together in a wedding in 2012.

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