Kate Middleton stops Meghan Markle from going to Queen Elizabeth II’s deathbed at all costs

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The new report claims that Kate Middleton was the one who deliberately prevented Meghan Markle from going to Queen Elizabeth II’s deathbed, The Princess of Wales may have even made a sacrifice to see the monarch in the last moments of her life, unless her sister-in-law was present.

Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September at her Balmoral holiday residence, after doctors advised her to take complete rest. Just a few days earlier, the monarch was still working, as she had received the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Following the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s ill health, she Children and Grandchildren Travel to Balmoral Before the Worst of Time Was Over, However, it is said that Only King Charles III and Princess Anne could see him aliveBecause they were already in Scotland.

Although the royal family reached where Queen Elizabeth II was, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s absence shines through, It was said at the time that the Princess of Wales did not accompany his wife as it was the first day of school for their children, but now the story is different.

Kate Middleton would have agreed to stay at home and not travel to Scotland To prevent Meghan Markle from going to Queen Elizabeth’s deathbed, according to a source close to the royal family.

According to the insider, Kate Middleton will have to stay in Windsor and this would be the perfect excuse to convince Prince Harry not to take Meghan Markle with her. ,Harry would have exploded if Kate had been invited and Meghan hadn’t”, he assured.

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