Kate Middleton was given a derogatory nickname by Prince William’s friends

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disrespect to Kate Middleton on behalf of Prince William’s friends There were so many that they even nicknamed him in a rude way. The class difference between the Princess and the Prince of Wales was a much-discussed topic among those closest to the future King.

Although the love story of the Princes of Wales deserves a Hollywood movie, the mother of three faced harsh criticism at the beginning of their relationship, However, Kate Middleton managed to walk down the aisle to say “I do” to Prince William in 2011.

Prince William’s friends had a nickname for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton could Face the terrible humiliation against her like a princess, is making arrangements to clear his name. But that didn’t save her from being called by all kinds of names for herself and her family, which made her feel inferior.

Via the podcast “Dynasty by Vanity Fair,” royal expert, Katie Nicholl reveals some of the criticisms Kate Middleton has faced, including The nickname that Prince William’s friends gave him,

,One of the nicknames given to Kate Middleton was ‘middle class Kate’Nicole revealed that one of the main reasons the Princess of Wales was ridiculed was because her mother, Carol, started her career as a flight attendant.

In addition to attacking her family with the nickname “en masse Middletons”, the author confesses, as she explains, “the family of the Princess of Wales arrived at the events in their highly preserved and recently polished Land Rover”. .

As the future king’s friends thought: “Blue blood is so beautiful that they really don’t have to bother trying, but Middleton does.”

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