Kate Middleton’s Hint With Lilibet Diana That Could Fix Ties With Harry and Meghan Markle

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Being recognized with the title Prince of Wales assumed new roles in royalty, which prompted him to fulfill a series of commitments throughout the United Kingdom and in the months to come. Under this appointment, he will make his first international visit to the United States.

During this visit, it is estimated that there may be A meeting between the Princes of Wales and the Duke of Sussex, After a closer look at her at the funeral of Elizabeth II, although this is a version that has not been confirmed.

However, it has emerged that Kate Middleton trying to fix the relationship since he was born Lilibet Diana, In June last year, sE has come closer to Meghan Markle to put an end to their differences.

“Since the birth of Lilibet, Kate has become very close to Meghan, sending her notes and gifts and trying to build a relationship,” A source told USA Weekly.

Apparently the relationship between Meghan and Kate Middleton It was damaged a few years ago when they shared royal activities.

Kate reportedly told Meghan about the way she addressed the palace staff, Due to which there was a dispute between the two.

Another version states that The differences between them began with the choice of clothes for the girls in the bridal party. At Meghan’s wedding. The heated discussion between them must have made the former actress end up crying.

“It was a very difficult week of marriage. And she was upset about something, but she admitted it and apologized. And he brought me flowers and a note apologizing,” Meghan explained to Oprah Winfrey.

it will be next december when we see The Prince and Princess of Wales arrive in the US to preside over the Earthshot Awards ceremonyWhich will happen in Boston.

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