Kate Moss speaks out on the dangers of the fashion industry, and defends Johnny Deppo

London Model Kate Moss reveals how her modeling experience as a teenager told her about it the dark side of the fashion industryand why that defended johnny depp In his recent legal battle with Amber Heard.

Moss, who was scouted on an airplane when she was 14, said she was about 15 when she was in a photoshoot for a bra catalog, and felt like something.

“He [the photographer] Said ‘Take off your top.’ And I took off my top, and I was really shy … and I thought something was wrong, so I took my stuff and ran away,” Moss told the BBC radio program “Desert Island Discs”.

Moss said the experience “intensified my instincts … I can tell a wrong ‘a mile away’.”

She said she was on another shoot with photographer Corinne Day, who pushed her to smell like a pig.

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“I cried a lot,” Moss said, explaining how she felt uncomfortable with it and asked to be naked. “I didn’t want to take my top off… I was really, really self-conscious about my body, and she’d say: ‘If you don’t take off your top, I’m not going to book you for Elle. I’m leaving.’ And I’ll cry.

Moss said it was “quite difficult” and “painful” to revisit those experiences.

Moss said that Day was “my best friend, and I really loved her, but she was a very difficult person to work with. But you know, the photos are amazing, so she got what she wanted.” And I suffered for them, but in the end, they gave me a really good world. I mean, they changed my career.”

In 1992, Moss was chosen by designer Calvin Klein for an underwear campaign with Mark Wahlberg. Moss said he doesn’t even have fond memories of that shoot.

Wahlberg was “very manly and it was all about him and her — he had a great crew,” Moss said. She said she felt objectively, “weak and scared.”

Kate Moss poses at a photocall before the Kate Moss The Collection auction in which various artworks by the model curated by Gert Elfering go under the hammer on Christie’s King Street on September 4, 2013 in London, England.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty

Moss said he had severe anxiety before the shooting and that a doctor had given him Valium. “It would manifest as nausea, and I couldn’t get out of bed… After the shoot, it was fine, and it took away the anxiety,” Moss said.

“I think they played on my vulnerability. I was quite young and innocent. Calvin loved that.”

When a separate series of photos of Moss, dubbed “heroin chic”, ran in 1993 in her apartment in Vogue, the model received a backlash for promoting excessive thinness.

“I feel like I was a scapegoat for a lot of people’s problems. I’ve never been anorexic. I’ve never been. I never took heroin. I was skinny because I wasn’t fed on shoots or shows , and I’ve always been skinny… I think it was a shock because I wasn’t sexist… I was just a normal girl. I wasn’t a glamor model, and I think it shocked her.”

In 2005, after photos of Moss apparently doing cocaine were published in the media, she said that she “felt sick and was quite angry, because I knew everyone took drugs. So for me, her To focus on me and try and take my daughter away, I felt really hypocritical.”

Moss did not face charges, but he was removed from several campaigns. He issued a public apology.

“I actually had to apologize. Because if people were looking at me, I had to apologize.”

Moss defended designer John Galliano after making anti-Semitic remarks in 2011, and he recently testified on behalf of Johnny Depp in his lawsuit against Amber Heard.

Depp We Heard Defamation Case Continues in Fairfax, Virginia
Model Kate Moss, ex-girlfriend of actor Johnny Depp, vows to testify via video link during Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard on May 25, 2022 at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Virginia.

Evelyn Hawkstein/Reuters

“I believe in truth and I believe in fairness and justice. I know that John Galliano is not a bad person. He had a problem with alcohol, and people turn. People are not themselves when they drink , and they say things they would never say if they were sober,” Moss said. “I know the truth about Johnny. I know he never hit me down the stairs. I had to tell that truth.”

Moss, 48, now runs her own modeling agency, which represents her daughter.

“I’ve told her, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to shoot this, if you don’t feel comfortable, if you don’t want to model, don’t do it, Moss said.

“I take care of my models. I make sure they’re with the agents in the shoot, so when they’re being taken advantage of, there’s someone out there who says, ‘I don’t think that’s fair,'” she said. told the BBC. “That’s what I can do.”

Moss has moved to the English countryside, saying she is now “obsessed with gardening.” She said that her party days were behind her.

“It’s boring to be me now. I mean, I love a dance, but I’m not really out of control anymore. Well, I’m definitely not out of control. I like to go to bed. I love me.” I like to wake up early and meditate before anyone gets up, and I like to be in control.”

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