Katy Perry and the awkward moment she lives on stage: Her wink spins out of control

Katy Perry Today turns 38, and in addition to congratulating her fans on social networks, a video is circulating, giving a lot to talk about, with some expressing their concern for the singer’s health. while others have assured that this is a strategy advertising.

The interpreter of “Dark Horse” has raised concerns among her fans as a video going viral on the network shows how, at a concert, she can’t control her right eyelid.

Perry, who is facing the audience, tries to control the movement of her eyelid, uses her hand to hold it open, and succeeds after several attempts.

What happened to the singer?

In the network, a debate has erupted about what happened to the American artist, who enjoys family life with actor Orlando Bloom and his daughter Daisy Dove Bloom; While some claim this is an advertising tactic, others have expressed concern about the artist’s health.

“Instead of making fun of Katy Perry’s eyes we should worry about, I don’t want to imagine how tense she is, being the mother of a little girl and giving shows in Las Vegas shouldn’t be easy.”

On Twitter you can read comments about conspiracy theories.

“Oh wait, people are seriously saying that Katy Perry is a robot. I mean, there are people who are talking about conspiracies, vaccines, lizards or robots… and it’s all because of the singer’s video. Is.”

Memories about the controversial moment can’t disappear, such as the mention of a “Katy Perry-inspired doll”.


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